Grooming your

A horse’s appearance and overall health through proper grooming is without a doubt an important part of equine ownership. The human horse connection and the bond that is created when we use products that are designed with your horses’ health and well-being in mind cannot be overestimated. Pure, all-natural, and purposeful ingredients produce results.  Our Limber Up® line of equine liniments, shampoos and topicals are made with ingredients that you know and trust. Our base formulas are made from whole all-natural herbs (not extracts or tinctures) including Arnica, Aloe, Yucca, Rosemary, and Rosehip, steeped in Witch Hazel for 48 hours then compressed in order to remove all the natural goodness the herbs have to offer.

Animals, especially our equine friends who we sometimes ask a tremendous amount from, deserve to be as free from pain as possible. Getting them to perform at their highest level requires a solutions-based approach which includes proper preparation before a work-out, proper warm-up exercises before full-exertion, and proper cool-down to ensure that you can repeat this process day in and day out. Focusing on the key areas of your horse so they are as pain free as possible is an important consideration while assessing your pre and post exercise options.

Limber Up® equine liniment gel, equine liniment spray and equine liniment foam products can be used to target sore muscle groups, help decrease inflammation associated with over-exertion or trauma, and help warm-up stiff tendons, ligaments and muscles prior to exercise. Apply herbal rich Limber Up® topicals to those key areas of the leg, neck, back and croup areas to help encourage pain free flexibility. Doing so will give you peace of mind knowing that you are doing the right thing, and, doing everything in your power to make your horse as comfortable yet as competitive as possible.

The Stacey Small Story

Limber Up® herbal rich liniments were developed by herbalist Stacey Small. Stacey was the owner of Equilite, Inc., and the original creator and formulator of the [1]Sore No-More® brand.

Stacey took her years of expertise and knowledge and after selling the Sore No-More brand in the summer of 2009, looked to the market again to determine what was missing and how to develop an even better product to help alleviate stiffness, soreness and pain associated with the equine athlete.  Here efforts led to the break-through development of Limber Up® for equines, the Next Generation of Herbal Rich Topicals.

Limber Up®, besides being in a class of its own, is the first COMPETITION SAFE, Certified Drug Free topical for equine athletes. This certification by the Banned Substance Control Group offers protection to equines, canines and other animals subject to anti-doping policies of official animal-sport organizations including the ARCI (Association of Racing Commissioners International), the FEI (International Federation for Equestrian Sports), the USEF *(United States Equestrian Federation) and others, offering assurance that the ingredients used to produce each formula is free from banned substances and other harmful agents as currently defined at the time that can lead to health concerns or positive drug tests.  For more information visit

[1] Sore no-More is a registered trademark of Altera International, Ltd.
Certified by Banned Substances Control Group - BSCG