Limber Up Brand of Next Generation Topicals is Proud to Sponsor the 2019 Groom’s Award, Ltd

Pottstown, PA (April 2019). Back on Track ® has built their business around supporting the health and well-being of the animals. First, with their Welltex line of Therapy Equipment and most recently with the development of the Limber Up® LiniMint™ line of next generation topicals. Limber Up is an all-natural line of herbal rich blends featuring Arnica, Aloe, Rosemary, Rosehip and in a Witch Hazel base. The expanding line currently consists of a liniment, a liniment shampoo and a liniment foam. In addition to Limber Up’s performance attributes, it has been Certified Drug Free by the Banned Substance Control Group and WILL NOT TEST. Use it confidently before, during and after competition and, as part of your daily grooming regime.

Grooms are such an integral part of the horse’s care and they can never be thanked enough for their hard work and dedication to their animals and the sport itself. Bo Lofvander, CEO of Back on Track ®USA states, “We believe that the groom is key to the health and happiness of the horse, and that they should be rewarded for their efforts. We are proud to sponsor The Groom’s Award and support their efforts to recognize grooms.”

The Groom’s Award began in 1997 when a Grand Prix groom, Moira Caffarey, unexpectedly passed away. She was honored with the first-ever groom’s award; a perpetual trophy, prizes and donations. 2014 was another milestone year when a second perpetual trophy was created, “Caffarey-Hennessy Grooms Award”.  Now a Not-for-Profit 501(c) 3 charitable organization, The Grooms’ Award, Ltd. has expanded to rewarding each Grand Prix groom at the designated horse shows with a goodie bag filled with items from various sponsors.  Back on Track® is proud to be a part of the Grooms’ Award Trophy events which will be offered at a handful of major horse shows each year.

About Back on Track USA. Since 2003, Back on Track USA has been providing quality therapeutic products to horses, dogs, and people using Welltex technology. These products support horses, dogs, and people in their goals of achieving a more comfortable lifestyle. The Power of Nature Animal Health division and new Trauma Void Helmut division, using MIPS Advance protective technology, rounds out Back on Track USA’s commitment supporting health and well-being for all. To learn more about BSCG, visit ##