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Arnica is one of the most beneficial substances found in nature. This powerful herb helps relieve common aches, strains, sprains, and bruising often associated with over-exertion.
It is ideal for relaxing sore muscles and helping to reduce inflammation, swelling and bruising.


Aloe Vera has many beneficial properties; from being an anti-oxidant to helping sooth skin irritations, to adding resilience to the hair and coat.


Rosehip is rich in vitamin C, potassium and a broad spectrum of bioflavonoids. Rosehip helps reduce inflammation and its properties provide a soft, effective resilience to the skin and coat.


Rosemary is a refreshing astringent helping to relieve muscle stiffness and soreness. Used lo help balance different skin and coat types through its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.


Yucca Root helps support the reduction of inflammation from abrasions. Often used in shampoos and other topicals to reduce the incidence of dandruff, hair loss and other dermatological conditions. Yuccas are common garden plants with pointed leaves. There are many species of the plant, and the fruits, seeds, and flowers are often eaten. (Yucca shouldn’t be confused with yuca, which is a root vegetable also known as cassava.) Yucca offers numerous health benefits and is often used medicinally. Parts of the yucca plant can be incorporated into your diet. It can also be used topically to treat skin conditions or wounds. Most commonly, yucca is taken as a supplement.


Peppermint Essential Oil helps reduce inflammation and soreness often associated with joint stiffness, over worked muscles, tendons and ligaments.


Witch Hazel is a natural cooling agent and astringent to help reduce the swelling, stiffness and tightness often associated with over-exertion. Its gentle non-caustic properties have long made Witch Hazel an excellent base for topical solutions.