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I am over the moon about Limber Up LiniMint. I use it before and after lessons & trail rides as a body brace on my pony Samson, much to his pleasure! He seems a lot more comfortable and my sore hands also feel great, so I know it’s working. I love it as a bath brace as well and Wow, it smells terrific! What a BONUS!
Traci Teller – Bedminster, NJ
Limber Up - BOT
My pony Rayne has a mild case of low ringbone in her front legs. The Vet recommended daily application of liniment. I have been using Limber Up in conjunction with Back on Track’s Quick Wraps & have seen significant improvement.  She is tripping much less and seems more willing to be ridden. Limber Up has a pleasant therapeutic aroma and feels like it is working. Thank You.
Kim Millstone Township, NJ
The Limber Up LiniMint foam is excellent! It stays in your palm and doesn’t drip off the legs but stays where applied and absorbs well. There is no sticky residue and is easier to apply than a spray. I will use Limber Up LiniMint Foam for my horses’ legs from now on. I will continue to use Limber Up Leg and Body Brace in spray form on large muscle groups.  In combination with Back on Track Quick Wraps, the immediate results are impressive.
Michelle McNally, McNally Show Horses, Palm city FL
I have had bad experiences in the past with liniments burning and blistering my animals, so I swore off using any liniments ever again and was hesitant to try this one. My friend convinced me to try this one. I am glad I did. It was gentle yet effective and has renewed my faith in liniments.  I’ve tried Limber Up on two thoroughbreds and a Tennessee Walker.  It’s took down the swelling quickly and did not adversely affect the Walker that also has skin allergies.
Lesley Odoni, 3-day Event Rider
Liniment Shampoo
Dad’s Warrior is a 3yr old thoroughbred filly training to race.  She came into my barn a year ago. Her hock was filled when she arrived. She trained well, but the filling never came down.  In the past year I have tried everything from the vet medicating to poultices and liniments and nothing changed it. I was amazed at the difference from using the Limber Up liniment and the Back on Track hock boots. In only a week of use the swelling has come down and it continues to tighten up.  Thank you so much for these wonderful products they will become a staple in my barn.
Sincerely, Kathy P Mongeon Racing, Gulfstream Park
I wanted to share a Limber Up story with you. Yesterday, my horse, Francis had rolled in fire ants or a poisonous plant patch and he was frantic. The only thing that was able to calm his body down was the Limber Up. I reapplied it a couple of times and he was back to being happy Francis.
Julia Helbling, Equine Orthobionomist